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Beautiful Mom Working As Camera Woman - BBQ Outdoor Cooking Behind Scene | ỐC Family

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Welcome back to ỐC Family Channel. I'm ỐC Mom and please let me say hello to all of you ^_^

How are you today? I'm fine and wish you are, too

Sorry for not uploading new videos nearly 2 weeks. My little family got very busy this months and some difficulties in life. So we couldn't spend time to create new videos for our family's channel.

Today, I upload a viral video as behind scene in my working of recording a video for my aunt, she is a very good cooker.

That video was pulished 2 months ago and this video is just a behind scene video. I edit this video only a little in video speed and keep in viral as a beautiful memory of our family with relative members. The video's duration is very long and please be sympathize with me while watching.

Thanks for your supports much from the beginning until now and wish all the best for you all. Don't forget to subscribe to support us.

Hi everyone, ỐC Family is a channel that created positive videos for whom care about family. We want to help all people around the world to know each others, spend more time and more love to their families.

I'm glad to be friends with you all and thank for your supports from beginning until now. Hope you will like our videos.

Our Slogan: Everything done for family first.

Bring your True Love to Family - ỐC Family

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