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LIVE DICTIONARY - 4K Animal Footage ~ MONKEY | CON KHỈ | SINGE | AFFE | MONA | サル | 원 | 猴 | n39 vlog

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This is a new content from us. From now on, this channel will be a Live Dictionary for you to learn some vocabulary words from some popular languages. The subject today is about one cute animal, MONKEY.

- Vietnamese is CON KHỈ,

- French is SINGE (male) and GUENON (female),

- German is AFFE, - Spanish is MONO (male) and MONA (female),

- Russian is ОБЕЗЬЯНА,

- Swedish is APA,

- Italian is SCIMMIA,

- Japanese is サル,

- Korean is 원숭이,

- Chinese is 猴,

- Thai is ลิง,

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