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LIFE And LOVE | When You Think You Being More Unfortunate Than Anyone | ỐC Family


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When you think - You !

Being more unfortunate

than anyone !!!

Or ...

You are ...

Poor - Miserable

more than anyone !

Then you ...

Please watch

the following video


These are the stories

that us!

360HOT want to share

to you all !!!

Please be satisfied

with what you are !

Because of ...

So many more unhappy lifes than you out there

Do you wanna

sharing True Love

with us 360HOT


(Heart) (Beat) (Together)


LIFE and LOVE - Writer by Tiến Phạm (ỐC Dad)


Life always as it's be. You and I still are the parts of its. And each of those parts were born, grew up and living in different ways. But in the end, everyone still be the same, no one can live forever.


One human life might be 60 years, 70 years or more, but can be very short, even only a day. But how to living meaningful is the most important thing. Time still not stop running, it doesn't want to wait anyone, anything. And of course, you are the main pilot of your life and use time correctly yourself. Life is not easy for everyone, but you can manage it by your way. Stop blaming others, stop blaming for past circumstances, you are living for the present and go forward to the future.


Love is the most wonderful thing that god gave for human. For love, human social can develop from the very old days until now. What is love? No one can define it. But in fact, love is your true emotion, it's spent for your relatives, for your parents, for your friends, half part of your heart, ...


We don't know when, where our life will be ended. So please spend your time to live for all of people around you that you love. And someday, you will proud of that is the meaningful life, that you bring up the true happiness for you and for everyone beside you.


Life always as it's be. But drive your life correct with love.


When you were born, you cried, everyone around you smiled and please live to the end, when you die, you smile and everyone around you cry for that.


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